The Start of An Anxiety Filled Life

With someone that starts up a blog like this, I am beyond blessed to call this wonderful man of God my friend. He truly reaches out with what he has been through and this is worth something to reblog !

Living With Anxiety

I think the best way to start this post is to say how amazed and shocked I am of all the amazing feedback I have gotten after the first post. The amount of people that have reached out to me and told me how much they can relate is astonishing, it really proves the whole “I promise you are not alone” statement is the real deal. Second I want to say I am amazed how many people have read my blog, to be honest I expected maybe 30 people to read it and of those 30 I expected my family to be 20 of them. But after one day, that post almost had 400 views. So thank you guys so much, its amazing what happens when you post about a topic that a lot of people deal with but are told that they are crazy because of it.

I’ve been…

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Im telling you, this is as open as I will get.

People kept asking me, “Hawi, why haven’t you blogged in awhile? Is everything okay? I want to read more!!!!!”

Can I be honest with all of heart of why I haven’t been blogging? I needed a BIG break on taking notes of how humanity should be viewed on and instead to just live my life everyday without thinking too much about it. This summer has been one of those crazy summers where I work a lot, write music a lot, and spend my time with God a lot. You can say in a way that I was fasting word press.

As I continued my general thoughts on what to do each week, my mind still kept running on why I always say Im going to do something big and life changing for people, when I never do so. Those kind of people that phrase “Dreaming big is something, but living it in reality someday is always possible”, kept reminding me something I should be aware of : being open-minded. There are two guys in my life that always make my day better by their pictures shown on instagram, Kenny Rodriguez & Cameron Erman. Meeting and being friends with them at my college as been amazing everyday.  They do have personal pictures that always tells me that they are living an adventurous life, but they also have pictures to remind my self that having an open mind can lead to success. Both of these wonderful guys in my life have grown so much in their faith, future, and in the business that they have been changing lives for others, Vemma. This summer, I kept pushing myself  to be something I’m not and it was exhausting. I tried sticking to different alternatitves at once, but I gave up a few days later. If you still don’t understand what I mean, then think of it like this: You say you’re going to workout every single day for at least 2 hours, but you give up after the third day. The next week, you finally realize that you should workout every other day and at least be at the gym for like 45 min. The second workout planed work great with your schedule especially if you work full time but you won’t see fast results as the first option, but it’s better than a dead end.

You see , you have to be consistent ALWAYS in your life, but also be aware of things that might change your life positively. Being consistent in your life and the success you see can lead to great results as Cameron texted me one night. Cameron and Kenny looked at their surrondings, mentally, and have changed the perspective of their life to be more openly then narrow. Focusing is good, but putting all the thoughts you have all in one subject can even make your future: Successful, easier, and TOTALLY worth it. Now summer is ending for me as a college student and I decided what I want to blog is going to be more open and not on a specific topic like restoring and recreating only. Its going to be all over the place and if you are uncomfortable with that, then deal with it because you will bump into someone who is like me whether you like or not. With that said, the more open mind you have for yourself, the better chances of a “winning” life you will have. And most importantly, having people support you and the choices you decided to make can vastly impact your future also. Have a great weekend guys!



P.S.: If you want to see more motivational things like what I said above, give Cameron and Kenny a follow and I will bet these guys can help make your future possible even if its just pictures you see. @cameronerman & @alphakennybode. (Kenny on left & Cameron on right)

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Far worth it…

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! I am so happy about the weather and that freshman year is over! I am deeply sorry for the late blog post since things got real for the past weeks and I am beyond grateful still. Even though these memories are honestly like the “pursuit of happiness”, I was still wondering if the choices I made was really worth it…. I know it sounds silly, but it makes me question my actions and see how I can transform it to a better outcome. Being blessed is one thing while looking for a way to be accepted is another thing. I could say I am in both sections and being the realist myself, I need to change that; its one way or another. To help you out by throwing out an example, I am blessed to be around people that help me grow in the music culture and act in ways that truly define who I am. Although I’m not perfect, yes, but I used to believe the acceptance brings me closer than the blessings in my life.  

 During high school, the mindset that students can have is either be EVERYTHING or NOTHING. In high school, I would hike two times a year with a group called “the adventures club” – I know it sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it ….! With my curiosity, I always roam around the woods while everyone is around the campfire. I would sometimes scream, pray, find new things, or even just watch the magnificent view. As I had the alone time, I think of the blessings that come in my life and I didn’t seem to think of any. I thought of little ones. But not big ones. Now, its different.

Many say that acceptance is an important value to gain in order to live successfully. But why? If you ask any professor or any author that works with social psychology, they can say that acceptance is way to get in touch with reality. When assuming acceptance in one’s life, look to see the positive and negative outcome. It is so difficult to observe people who try so hard to get accepted into something and their mood is distraught. A social norm that a lot of students call this is: desperate. Be odd and boastful about life. The things that you do not have in your life will soon turn into blessings. To be honest, my life before did not involve a lot of friends that stood around because the mentality I had was to be accepted and not blessed. Now, reality struck at me saying that the simple things can outnumber the extravagant ones. Of course I soon develop friends that were blessed in my life but some of them shown to have negative outcomes. Continuing in life with one perspective is good , but looking into another can possibly change things. It doesn’t mean change values and morals but rather than the mindset one can have on being “far worth it”. So as the school year is ending for everyone, be blessed and yes, be accepted, but just know the little things are far worth it. Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather this week! Stay tuned!

Xoxo HT 



Hello readers! As you know, Easter was last weekend and it was great to have a three day weekend, but wish it was longer because every college student loves sleep. It gave me time to do my homework, relax, and just give more glory to God who sent Jesus down to die on the cross. Over these past couple of days, school has been crazy for me because of the two weeks left until freedom! Its really weird that my freshman year of college is already over and I have made so many memories within 8 months. Even though my chaotic schedule was overwhelming, I still thought of what I want to talk about with you rad humans.

Have you ever felt limited to do anything in life? Living a life and doing the same thing everyday can be very very boring (I know, i have had that lifestyle before) but people say its our way of living. Entering college, I became more passionate with adventure and enjoyed a boundless lifestyle. Not like before, I love to sing and experience more abilities into playing piano, seeing new faces each time, and my dreams aren’t just dreams anymore. When someone asks a high scFullSizeRenderhool senior, “So what do you want to do in the future? What ‘s your intended major?”, they don’t want to just hear just a premed major or nursing major. Think about it… there is something that interests you to be in that major or category. I was asked plenty of times about why I wanted to be in Premed last year and quite frankly, I was just baffled and didn’t know the answer either. I wanted to do something with the human brain, but not just be a neurosurgeon for the rest of my life. Now? I decided to work with a bunch of different kids in the Psychology field and for those who have learning and mental disabilities. Being boundless isn’t something that can be found on this earth, but its inside of us. It can be hard to share what we want in life because we are always limited to do things that are dreams and the outcome can either be good or bad. Just be boundless. It’s a spirit. It’s a hunger. It’s a passion for possibility and opportunity that inspires us to work toward a world of good. Great opportunities don’t just come when you want it, but it comes if you believe in it. Take action of your limited life and recreate it to be more spontaneous because living life to the fullest makes your focus become more positive. HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!



IMG_1015HELLO MY DEAR FRIENDS, this is my first blog post so bare with me if its a little rough, but HEY lets just have fun! If you don’t know me, my name is Hawi Tigro and Im a freshman in College. Think of my name like that bald guy whom you’ve seen on deal or no deal. Remember him? Howie Mandel! BUT IT IS HAWI for me. I live in Minnesota (yes, the coldest place on earth, sigh) but I go to college in Phoenix, AZ. I love to play intensive volleyball, sing, and hike in Minnesota. Weird fact about me: Lets see, because I am always weird… my actual shoe size is 8 but I can fit from 6 1/2 to 10. I know… weird. So now you know me, lets get started! I have always wanted to create a blog with a new perspective of life. Usually I would get scared to write a blog because its my own thoughts and I wouldn’t think people are actually going to read it. But it has motivated my writing in the songs I create, journaling, and passion for the adventure I look for to be expressed on this website. We ALL are created with ambition since the beginning of our lives, however there can be obstacles we go through.Why? Is it human nature  or is there something that can be restored and recreated?

So what’s up with this  “Restore and Recreate” theme Hawi?

The meaning behind this aspect is that spiritually, God does not think of us as damaged, but rather than we are restored in Christ. We are not only renewed, but recreated into a different person. Another aspect to look at this is that the things in our life that is ideally important can be recreated into something bigger and BETTER. I came up with restore and recreate because there can be a transformation in humanity by how we can mold and shape our values and beliefs. There were tricky times in my life where I didn’t know if transformation was a thing anymore. We were created in our mother’s womb being so perfect and pure, but now living in a world of sin can make it harder to have a deep relationship with the King; so we recreate that love.

In this blog right now, I want to share how restoring yourself does not ONLY mean having a clean state, but restoring yourself is creating a humble self about the life in front of you. This is how i see humble to be: humble can be a pretty name for courteous. Knowing that modesty is shown, it means to have a low estimate of one’s importance than another. Someone important in my life when I was younger said to me that to reach stage “Humble”, you must find peace. Humble was hard enough, but now I have to worry about peace?! Restoration can be a big thing into having it in relationships.Restoracropped-img_7849.jpgtion in relationships helps daily activities go by without causing any problems. Honestly, it can be hard to be humble because we want to introduce the flawless things that are apart of our life. Lets face it, we cant help it that sometimes being egocentric can please us and is a way to define humanity, but does being boastful cause your life to be steady? At least I don’t think so. Proverbs 11:2 says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.” If you think of it medically, God stitches this “humbleness” in our body like a machine and the machine itself works by adding wisdom to it. LIKE WOW! HOLY SMOKES! To gather all that information, it basically means to get in the level of restoration, you must add wisdom and humble together to get a steady relationship with another person and have peace (restoration).NOT BOASTFUL AND PRIDE.Here is an equation for all you mathematicians :

Humble self  + Wisdom self = Peace, restoration, mending, repair. The reason why I put “humble” first is because the times where we are humble are the times where we are wise.

Well thats a wrap I guess unfortunately! Its so hard not to tell everything because I want new posts each time to create a new mindset. Leave a comment or reply if you would like otherwise I will be posting every week and let you all lovely people know through Facebook and Instagram. Hope this specific blog helps you think about how to find restoration in yourself for either certain situations or generally life itself. REMEMBER —– being humble doesn’t make one prideful but makes them wise.Love you all!


Photo credits for my border image is the wonderful Katie Siegfried. She is a stunning photographer.